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Volunteering ‘outta this world’

May 5, 2012

Earlier this year when I found myself in my usual mood to volunteer, I turned to VolunteerMatch in hopes of finding something new, and that I did! I signed up to volunteer for Family Days event at the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum in DC.

I showed up at the museum May 5, not sure what my duties where going to be, but was excited to learn I was assigned to help kids design their very own space patches! Apparently, there were volunteers from a variety of organizations, and I was equally excited to see a couple of familiar faces from One Brick, a group I often turned to for other random and fun volunteer opportunities.

Our duties were pretty simple. We were supplied with red and blue patches, stickers, and markers. As kids and their families entered the museum, we greeted them, and helped them create their own little works of art. Unfortunately, my brother is the artist of the family, and dozens of eager youngsters put my skills to shame. We saw drawings of everything from rainbows and butterflies to DC monuments to rockets and pictures of space.

I had an absolutely fabulous time hanging out with kids of all ages and my fellow volunteers (I pulled a 6.5 hour shift at the museum, but it flew by).  Here’s a sample of the patches, created by one of our volunteers.Space Patch

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